5 Major Tips for All The Adult Pianist – Learning Piano Has Never Been Easy

Learning to play a piano as an adult can actually turn out to be very intimidating. And most of the individuals limit themselves because they think that they are too old now to begin learning piano as an adult.But the truth here is that it’s never too late to start learning something new. And if you really have the desire to learn piano then here are some of the best tips for you.

  • Remember that one of the best ways of learning piano in reality is to just simply repeat the difficult parts unless and until you actually get to know them. The major trick that lies here is how often you repeat them. Here is what you need to do while learning piano as an adult don’t repeat and practice the parts that you know, play the parts that you don’t know and the hard parts you avoid.
  • Break each part and size into little bit size sections perhaps the 1- 4 bars. Nothing longer than 4 bars is good rule, and continue repeating that specific kind of a section unless and until you are tired of it. And then you can go ahead and do something else.
  • Try and play each section hands separately. It is a really good rule that if you cannot play the piano with one hand then you will definitely won’t be able to play it with two. So try and break down the physical motion in order to know what each and every hand does separately.
  • Have a look at your hands when you are practicing. Memorize the music and then look into your hands. You can also think of a famous piano artist and know that if they are looking anywhere else while playing the piano.
  • Try and play each and every section very slowly, so slow than the song goes, far slower than what you can actually learn and understand. Play it so slowly that it is impossible for you to make mistakes. Slow practice generally reveals things to the eye and ear that are invisible at the proper standard tempo.

Beginners especially the ones who have enough talent when it comes to the piano, wish to play a song at a proper tempo, no matter what. And it is really very instinct of the musician who wishes to make music, not playing things if one was encased in the oil. Playing really very slowly is the key to the control. When you are playing slowly you are also looking at the keys and your brain is forming a set of synapses where the formation turns out to be even easier when compared to the others. Once this is done go back and play the sections once again both that are easy and difficult and see what needs to work.

When you are done with the above mentioned tips then try and work on the other sections in both your hands. You will also get to see improvement. Repeat these sections till you get comfortable with them. This describes the steps for working on a difficult section you don’t know. After that go back and play all the sections the easy and difficult to see what work and what does not.