Updating Your Summer Playlist? Add Justin Bieber Songs To Your List

It’s that time of the year when we are all set to update our playlists.  Our favourite artists have released some great numbers and it’s time to add these new hits to the playlist.

With so many popular numbers orbiting the music landscape, we are sure that Billboard and Spotify are having a tough time to build their summer countdown. Remember the year of ‘ ‘Despacito’? Every countdown, every playlist saturated with Puerto Rican musician Luis Fonsi’s foot thumping number, and hardly any other song got the much attention. But luckily this year, it’s getting harder to make a selection and we  took up the task to track the most popular tracks from leading labels.

How we picked up the songs to feature in our Summer Playlist?

We did more than just browsing through YouTube and taking note of the number of views.

We did some technical digging, tracked down the number of mentions of the latest songs in Google news, counted their likes, and considered the number of views.

We checked their appearance on international platforms that tabulate every song’s popularity.

We stepped beyond YouTube and referred to music play stations like Spotify, Hungama, and Gaana to keep a tab on what song listeners love the most. (this reminded us of the sweet old time when debutant Justin Bieber’s song download topped every list.)

See, we did plenty of hard work to curate the summer line-up of the latest songs. Let’s check them out –

Summer Playlist

  • I Don’t Care

Singers: Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran

The 25-year-old star never fails to steal our hearts!! This time he teamed up with our amazing King of romance, Ed Sheeran who has the highest streamig songs under his belt, for the song ‘I Don’t Care’. The song carries a bit of too much candy floss flavour but that’s what makes our summer colourful, right?

  • Bad Guy

Singer: Billie Eilish

Offbeat lyrics, killer music and Billie’s badass style give us this incredible 2019 summer banger. As we know her, Billie is a teen star, her modulation of melody from rhythmic flow to cool ground thumping beats keeps her on the top of every list.

  • Sucker

Singer(s): Jonas Brother

Yeah, we know this song revives the video starring our beloved Piggy Chops aka Priyanka Chopra and Sansa Stark of Winterfell aka Sophie Turner. Surprised or not, this song has comfortably snuggled up to our summer playlist.

While Sophie Turner’s ever-rising stock probably boosted the popularity of the “Sucker” music video, this latest Jonas Brothers contender still seems unlikely to take the SoS crown given that it already peaked at no. 1 in March. Barring a forthcoming remix with Maisie Williams, chances are that this song is on the decline.

  • Before I Let Go

Singer: Beyonce

There is no playlist that doesn’t have Queen B’s imprints on it. That’s right. Frank Beverly and Maze’s original score was a 1995 hit. Beyonce’s rendition of Before I Let Go is sure a must for your summer hits!

Breathtaking Venues That Will Complete Your Wedding Day

Wedding is the most memorable event that happens once a lifetime. It will be the day that you will become a more responsible individual to your wife and future children. It is also the day that you will take a vow to your partner in life. Thus, it should be the most remarkable day to treasure. How can you do it? By simply spending the big day at the right and perfect place, a perfect wedding venue. The cutest idea of a wedding will be on the pre-nuptial day. You will be taken pictures that created the story of the bride and groom-to-be.

Modern-inspired wedding:

Thinking an idea on the motif of a wedding day comes in many options. You can start from acute to contemporary ideas of a motif. Of course, it would be the moment that you have been waiting for. Why would you waste time to make that dream wedding not memorable? A modern-inspired motif matches the contemporary wedding venues Melbourne. If you are situating in the place and planning of making pre-nuptial out of the locality, then must be skipping the perfect locations. A contemporary-inspired wedding suits a contemporary venue that will make the entire big day extraordinary. Everybody would love to have a special and unique wedding. The decorations and the venue of the wedding day determined a successful event. Flowers will complete the entire occasion, without it, you would have a boring wedding. Perfect wedding venue and reception with flowers that adds a sense of charm and grace. The variety of flower colors along with the looks and fragrance, it adds the air of love and romance to that big day.

Contemporary Wedding Venues Melbourne

Wedding venue – the focal point of the event:

A wedding is meant to be perfect, aside from the bond between the married couple and the event. It will be the most awaited ceremony that showcases with joyful and love of the bride and groom. Picking the right venue for the big day completes the whole event. There are a lot of things to consider that needs to focus on such as the venue, the location, and the motif. When picking a wedding venue, you need to make sure that it can accommodate all the guests. The catering and decoration services must be not a failure. The perfect wedding venue will make the wedding day successful. Contemporary wedding theme covers the space and the other facilities of the venue. This way, the big day will be a day to treasure for the rest of your life.

Stylish and chic – A must-see wedding event:

No wonder, many weddings today are admired. Many wedding planners are inspired by how they make things for the big day of the couple one-of-a-kind. They understand the importance of the wedding that made them inspired by their work. They wanted to make the bride and groom feels that they are the center of attraction by making stylish and chic decoration on their big day. It can’t be done without a breathtaking venue. There is nothing on this earth that can’t be achievable, and people can taste the beauty of nature. Anyone can make their wedding day more memorable with a solemn venue for the ceremony.

Ridley Scott: The Man With unknown Worlds

Ridley Scott doesn’t give a damn about the rules. Regardless of the format, both in cinema and in advertising, he tells stories, creating worlds around them that impress the viewer and influence modern culture. Focus chose the most exciting movie worlds created by director and producer Ridley Scott. You can watch online movies of Ridley Scott perfectly.

Seven Worlds

  • The film begins in the desert with weathered cliffs and caves, where archaeologists found liquid gold. Meanwhile, under the hot sun, the nomad natives make the transition, together with the giants, who have flowing bronze skin. Then we are transported into the world of the future, where a futuristic printer creates a human body from the smallest fibers and powders, space fighters rush in thunderclouds, and a galactic traveler meditates on a distant planet similar to Mars.

These are the storylines of Ridley Scott’s new film, Seven Worlds. Fantastic worlds and adventures describe the palette of flavoring shades of Hennessy XO cognacthe film is part of the 2019 advertising campaign. Ridley Scott is no stranger to advertising. He creates it for almost forty years, remaining one of those rare people who made advertising an aesthetically and socially significant phenomenon. A classic example is the 1984 movie dedicated to the premiere of Apple’s first Macintosh computer.

  • It was shown in 1984, and the plot was based on the George Uwell dystopian novel of the same namewith rows of identical gray people who are inseparably looking at the screen and listening to Big Brother. But the brave main character breaks the screen, and at the end the slogan appears: “You will see that 1984 will not be like 1984.” This video is still considered a masterpiece, in particular, because it violates the usual rules for creating advertising. Many are afraid of negative stories, as well as slogans and headlines containing a negative “not” particle, because of which the product will supposedly not be sold.

Ridley Scott doesn’t give a damn about the rules. Regardless of the format, both in cinema and in advertising, he tells stories, creating worlds around them that impress the viewer and influence modern culture. Last year, the director received the British BAFTA Academy Fellowship Award for outstanding achievements in the field of cinema.

At the award ceremony, Ridley Scott said that thanks to social networks, millions of people were able to tell their stories and have access to content all the time: “Our responsibility as storytellers is to remember how we use the power of history. We must defend the key principle of storytelling, which that the best stories, even fictitious ones, come from the truth. ” In the works of Ridley Scott, this principle is well read, because even in the most fantastic worlds he tells the true story about a person and his actions. From the vast filmography of the director, Focus chose those movie universes by which he will be remembered for a very long time.

Other world: Alien

Ridley Scott’s first big success in the movie is Alien. This is a fantastic horror about how space-pilots fight an alien creature that captured a ship. The insect-like predator, named Alien, systematically destroys all crew members until only the main character remainswarrant officer Ellen Ripley, which was perfectly played by American actress Sigourney Weaver. The plot develops excitingly and is full of running around, shooting and articular legs, much to the horror of the viewer breaking through due to any bulkheads. But in parallel, the filmmakers tell a story about how we humans respond to something alien and to the threats it carries,especially if the person himself becomes the carrier of this threat. No wonder one of the worst episodes of the film is where the Alien’s cub matures inside a person and rips his chest to get out.

“Hate what is bad” for watching a movie

Hate what is bad for watching a movie

Parents who spontaneously allow their children to go to the cinema may not be sufficiently aware of what is considered “demonstrable” today. For example, a film critic called the main character of a youth-rated film in the United States “a mean-spirited, 17-year-old who every day movies123 flounders in drunkenness, illicit drug use, orgies and romance with a boy she just met “. This kind of content is far from unusual. A  Post Magazine notes that references to oral sex seem to be “commonly accepted” in teen movies. The classification should not be the unique criterion for evaluating the content of a film. Is there a more reliable guide?

How to find healthy entertainment by watching online movies

How can parents make a selection when choosing which movies online on site  their children will watch? Here are the remarks of some parents from around the world. They may help you find healthy entertainment for your family. – See also the box “Other forms of entertainment” “My wife or I used to accompany our kids to the movies when they were younger,” . They never went alone or alone with other children. Now they are teenagers, but they never attend the premiere of the film; we prefer to first read reviews or hear comments from people we trust. Then, as a family, we decide if we will go see the movie. “


Mark, who lives in South Africa, speaks freely with his teenage son films that go out to the movies. “My wife and I start the discussion by asking what he thinks of the film,” We listen to him and we reason with him. In the end, we come to choose movies that we like to all three. “.

From an early age,” he says, “our children were included in the discussions we had on the content of the films we were interested in. When we decided not to go see a certain movie, my wife and I explained why, rather than simply saying no. “

Also, some parents find it good to search the Internet. Several sites provide detailed articles on the content of the films. They allow having a clear idea of ​​the values ​​presented in a film.


“It is natural for teenagers to want to meet young people their own age. That’s why we’ve always made sure our daughter has good companies while keeping an eye on her. As our congregation has many young people, we encouraged our daughter to befriend them. “- movies123

“We are very interested in the entertainment of our children. We have healthy activities: we organize walks, barbecues, picnics, or we meet with fellow Christians of all ages. In this way, our children do not feel that they can only relax with their classmates. “-

A place which serves with unlimited entertainment of sports and movies

With so many times taking over the coding zone. It gets totally difficult to find the right and best File-linked codes. There are some codes that can really help you in getting though with FileLinked. These codes mentioned do work real fine with android TV box and Firestick.  In order to be connected with the list of available application, you must create a repo ID which can be used anytime. With your repo ID, you can upload various application’s best version.

An easy way to look for an android application is by browsing for it on FileLinked. There are applications that are available if you have entered the file-linked codes in-app. There are several codes that you will be able to find on the application. These are regularly updated by the user who uploaded them. It is always suggested that you go for the links that you can trust. Some of the popular codes that are mentioned here:

SkyMashi- 78933681 this is best used for movie and TV shows. There is almost every possible TV show that is mentioned here. The accessing pin must be 9999 but you can check the same for any update.

Another great code is 74238464 – Bobby123 which grants you access to several streaming applications.

How to get your own repository?

The process of getting your own repository is quite simple. Anyone may create the own file linked code without paying for the same using the official file linked website. It is worth mentioning the File linked is popular on Android TV boxes since most of the repositories bring easy access to several applications. You will be able to watch sports and HD movies. All of this comes at no cost to be paid.

When you are using the torrent to download or stream any series or movie it takes a part of the same and makes it available for other users. The term used for this kind of process of seeding. If doing seeding which in simple words means sharing the part of your movie it brings up copyright content issues. As you might be knowing copyrights issues are considered extremely important as a criminal branch. This means that you can get arrested for the same with some strong criminal charges which will be extremely hard to escape.

There are no security detection measures used in File Linked. It is a place where anyone can upload a link. Therefore it gets important that you install a malware and virus scanner on your device. There are Best File-Linked Codes that can help you through in a manner that you would like to see and enjoy for the rest of your life.

Advantages of watching online movies

Online movies are the most preferred choice among each person. If you are concerned with watching such movies, you have to find the reason to watch everything within style preference. As you being able to watch things within your good enough state, the process actually has lots of advantages. The online movie is preferably a perfect preference that takes each level of experience within the certain level of inspiration. If you prefer to get along with certain use of ultimate preferences, the brief history will take you through the movies watching. While you watch online movies, there are numerous advantages that are important to consider which gives you the boost in watching over those movies.

  • Access to huge database – Where online movie database has huge number of collection, you have to be aware of each factor that helps in processing along various number of movies. Each movie that you prefer for watching are coming along high quality and the choice is open with favorite list of system. As the online movie site has a database filled with all genre and category, you need to be sure about the database access. If the database is filled with older version to new version movies, we have to the easy access and enjoy each downwards factor.
  • Comfortable to watch from anywhere – As we were about to watch movies in theaters and TV channels, we may not have the comfort with choice and place that we choose to stay. It is our sole preference of selecting a collection of movie along each opinion. The option of watching online movie is exactly to relax and if it comes along with comfort of watching from wherever we wish, it is obviously an interesting factor.
  • Watch instantly – From the comfortable factor, you can watch movie from anywhere and as you get along the process, you should have the option of watching things instantly. As you find the way in watching it online, you do not have to wait for it downloads to complete. It will help in making the perfect preference over various other instant movie watching options. The preferences are really important to consider while getting through this preferred choice. Thus, to watch online, we have various other websites that will help in getting along through each site. In that concern, consider looking at movies 123. This is a reliable site to watch movies without any unnecessary ads in between while watching.

Since the online movie is having lots of popularity among every people, it is our sole responsibility to consider all the pros and cons. It will help in making your progression towards each movie selection. As you choose to select any kind of movie, it makes you more interested towards the cinema mode.

Recover your Gaming skills with ELO Boosting

Recover your Gaming skills with ELO Boosting

League of Legends players know that ELO is important. If you run out of ELO or lose more than expected, you need help. With sites like Boost Royal, you can easily hit a target without any risk. The reinforcement services of LOL ELO changed the perspectives of the game, established reinforcements to boost the thrusters and moved to a new level with super professionalism and game strategies.

Many ways to boost LOL ELO:

  • You can buy earnings classified as part of an increase in ELO according to your desire and budget. You can choose your winning profile, which is a big step for a strong ELO Boost.
  • Simply select the bus and partition of your choice and get the desired LOL ELO acceleration. It is easy to buy because the booster takes full responsibility when buying promotional services from the league as part of its ELO momentum.


  • Multiply your strength by playing with an ELO amplifier. While you play, you can stay interactive.
  • If you want to start your season with the highest possible ELO, you must obtain a package of 10 game locations. You get a strong boost from ELO by playing 10 placement games.
  • For a normal LOL Boost, select a normal match gain. This makes it easy to reach level 30 at a higher speed, and you get the desired gain from LOL ELO.
  • If each of your champions wants to show their skills, Champion Mastery is an excellent boost for ELO, which can help any of your champions reach the fifth level of nothing. This is a super way to boost LOL.
  • It will soon be possible to hire a team to play with friends of LOL. This special type of LOL enhancer will simultaneously improve your ELO along with your friends.

Why choose Prospective ELO Booster?

  • For a better ELO online improvement experience, create a Boost Royal account. They offer VPN protection for each of their clients, so you can log in to your account securely to verify your progress in the leaderboard. It also provides security against rebellion.
  • For each increase in LOL ELO, you get an approximate time range for the price you pay. If for some reason the reinforcement cannot do its job, by the time it earns 30% of the refund amount, as long as the reinforcement has completed the reinforcement in full, learn more at https://elo-boosters.com.
  • If you want your game profile to remain disconnected while LOL ELO is activated, the booster remains in the chat. Then only you can play online. This guarantees another security step in the games.
  • A professional team of enhancers allows you to verify them in action using the “View” button in the participant area until ELO drives it.


Fun is a necessary ingredient in daily life. Fun can be seen from multiple perspectives by multiple people. What may sound really fun for me might sound not so special to you. It all depends on who you are and what you like. All of this mostly happens for adults and grown-ups because their thought processes are complex and they have varied views on the world and its events. For kids, fun is anything that brings a little bit of laughter in them. Kids are the ones who really know how to have a good time, because for them, thing’s aren’t so very complex. Life is simple, as it should be, and yes, life is fun.

Kids know how to find fun in the regular activities of life. But even that becomes tiresome after a while. Therefore, kids need some special fun activities to keep their life moving. Children’s parks and entertainment centers are available in all cities, which do their sworn duty, to provide fun to kids. These places are also great places for the kids to meet children of the same age. This can prove to be particularly beneficial for children who have social interaction issues as they get to mingle and interact with other kids, helping them to reduce their anxiety levels. Children understand better, learn better and finally live a better and a more harmonious life.

If you’re living anywhere near Atlanta, Georgia, there is this amazing place for your kids to enjoy. The Xdrenaline is a place for kids to love and for adults to relax.


Everything. Everything about Xdrenaline is special. It is a place specifically designed for children of all age groups. There are a number of fun activities present that can keep your children engaged in fun for hours at a stretch. Furthermore, this place also provides a special place for the parents to sit down, relax and have a good time while their children are busy with fun. There are activities like the trampoline park, which is immensely popular within kids, rock-climbing walls, and a state-of-the-art, amazing, virtual reality center. There’s absolutely no other place that takes care of kids so well.

All the activities are extremely supervised by staff so that the kids can enjoy in a safe and guided environment. But there’s more to this. If you’re planning to have a child’s birthday party, Xdrenaline also provides to be an excellent spot for that. You can hire a personal room, an amazing host, food and drinks along with a stunning birthday cake for your child’s birthday party. All the activities are on the list, except for the VR center which is optional. This is the “it” place for kids to enjoy in Atlanta, and no other place evn comes anywhere near to it.

Settings For Portrait Photography


There have been times when you have been absolutely mesmerized by the beauty of portrait photography. You may think it is simple to click such pictures but it is not. Behind great portrait photography are years of practice and skills. The skills include control of the settings of the camera and the good lighting aspects. Personal photographers use a lens of the focal length of 85mm or higher. This results in putting the subject away from the camera and the subject which produces softer results. Some of the settings employed by the professional photographers to click great quality portrait images are discussed below.


In portrait photography, the subject is more in focus and the background is blurred or focused out. This effect is created using the aperture control on your camera. There are two modes for aperture control. The first one is the Aperture Priority which allows you to set the aperture control while the shutter speed is set automatically by the camera. Another control is the Manual Mode under which, you can set the aperture and shutter speed by yourself. The largest aperture creates a limited depth of field. The focus tends to be irregular are the largest aperture. While shooting indoors, f/5.6 or f/6.3 is suitable. For outdoor conditions, the aperture can be increased to about f/8.


Shutter Speed:

Shutter speed helps to click images quickly of moving bodies. While shooting portraits, 1/200 of a second shutter is recommended while taking pictures using a flash. Most flash units have a maximum sync speed of 1/200 of a second. For clicking portrait pictures, you will need the control of the aperture as well and thus the manual mode is preferred over aperture priority.


It is advisable that you choose the lowest ISO setting for the available light. While shooting in sunny conditions, set the ISO to 100 and for cloudy conditions, set ISO to 200. Setting a high ISO can show grains in the image. However, you can set ISO up to 6,400 without noticing any noise in the photograph. If you want to maintain the quality of your picture even on enlarging, then keep the ISO to a minimum.

Auto White Balance:

Auto White Balance helps to find the lighting levels which can result in consistent images. Shooting in natural lighting conditions can be a problem if you do not allow the auto white balance. If the auto white balance is not enabled, then images with predominantly white may look grey which can make it look unnatural. In order to avoid such conditions, you can use a preset white balance to correct the white balance in such situations.


These settings are an important element of clicking good portrait photography. Apart from these, you would require great patience and determination to click photos similar to professional portrait photographers.

Choosing the right movie streaming site is not tough


Is it accurate to say that you are burnt out on the horrible movie gushing site that you are utilizing? Or on the other hand, would you say you are getting chafed in light of the fact that you are getting a great deal of cradles and slacks everytime you watch movies on the web? If you are, at that point it is the ideal opportunity for you to walk out on that good site like solar movie and watch movies. This motion picture and TV show spilling site is unquestionably a decent decision on the off chance that you need to ensure that you will have an astonishing motion picture long distance race with your friends and family.

Movies spilling site

As a motion picture lover, you have to search for a decent motion picture spilling site to guarantee that you will get the opportunity to appreciate the motion pictures that you need to watch. You have a lot of choices on the web, yet you can’t be certain that any of them can truly suit your needs. In this way, it is vital that you pick a decent one. Be that as it may, this errand could be very troublesome on account of the tremendous number of motion picture sites that you may experience as you begin looking.

Pursue the means underneath when picking a decent film gushing site.


  1. Begin your pursuit online 

When you are looking for a film webpage, the Internet would be your closest companion since you will most likely access a rundown of the distinctive motion picture sites. This would be the initial step that you need to make. You have to research and make a rundown of the destinations. Ensure that you additionally experience their highlights and see what every single one of them can offer you. Will you get charged when you use the site? Is there a point of confinement as far as the quantity of recordings that you can get to? What are the class that the site has? These are only a portion of the inquiries that you need to remember when examining online.

  1. Take a gander at your rundown and make an examination 

The following stage is for you to investigate your rundown and begin making an examination. Kill the sites that would charge you and those that have constrained classifications that you can browse. You additionally need to dispose of the destinations that have confinements.

  1. Peruse the audits

After you have thought about the diverse motion picture destinations despite everything you have a couple on your rundown, take a stab at perusing the surveys about them.