Ridley Scott: The Man With unknown Worlds

Ridley Scott doesn’t give a damn about the rules. Regardless of the format, both in cinema and in advertising, he tells stories, creating worlds around them that impress the viewer and influence modern culture. Focus chose the most exciting movie worlds created by director and producer Ridley Scott. You can watch online movies of Ridley Scott perfectly.

Seven Worlds

  • The film begins in the desert with weathered cliffs and caves, where archaeologists found liquid gold. Meanwhile, under the hot sun, the nomad natives make the transition, together with the giants, who have flowing bronze skin. Then we are transported into the world of the future, where a futuristic printer creates a human body from the smallest fibers and powders, space fighters rush in thunderclouds, and a galactic traveler meditates on a distant planet similar to Mars.

These are the storylines of Ridley Scott’s new film, Seven Worlds. Fantastic worlds and adventures describe the palette of flavoring shades of Hennessy XO cognacthe film is part of the 2019 advertising campaign. Ridley Scott is no stranger to advertising. He creates it for almost forty years, remaining one of those rare people who made advertising an aesthetically and socially significant phenomenon. A classic example is the 1984 movie dedicated to the premiere of Apple’s first Macintosh computer.

  • It was shown in 1984, and the plot was based on the George Uwell dystopian novel of the same namewith rows of identical gray people who are inseparably looking at the screen and listening to Big Brother. But the brave main character breaks the screen, and at the end the slogan appears: “You will see that 1984 will not be like 1984.” This video is still considered a masterpiece, in particular, because it violates the usual rules for creating advertising. Many are afraid of negative stories, as well as slogans and headlines containing a negative “not” particle, because of which the product will supposedly not be sold.

Ridley Scott doesn’t give a damn about the rules. Regardless of the format, both in cinema and in advertising, he tells stories, creating worlds around them that impress the viewer and influence modern culture. Last year, the director received the British BAFTA Academy Fellowship Award for outstanding achievements in the field of cinema.

At the award ceremony, Ridley Scott said that thanks to social networks, millions of people were able to tell their stories and have access to content all the time: “Our responsibility as storytellers is to remember how we use the power of history. We must defend the key principle of storytelling, which that the best stories, even fictitious ones, come from the truth. ” In the works of Ridley Scott, this principle is well read, because even in the most fantastic worlds he tells the true story about a person and his actions. From the vast filmography of the director, Focus chose those movie universes by which he will be remembered for a very long time.

Other world: Alien

Ridley Scott’s first big success in the movie is Alien. This is a fantastic horror about how space-pilots fight an alien creature that captured a ship. The insect-like predator, named Alien, systematically destroys all crew members until only the main character remainswarrant officer Ellen Ripley, which was perfectly played by American actress Sigourney Weaver. The plot develops excitingly and is full of running around, shooting and articular legs, much to the horror of the viewer breaking through due to any bulkheads. But in parallel, the filmmakers tell a story about how we humans respond to something alien and to the threats it carries,especially if the person himself becomes the carrier of this threat. No wonder one of the worst episodes of the film is where the Alien’s cub matures inside a person and rips his chest to get out.

A place which serves with unlimited entertainment of sports and movies

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Advantages of watching online movies

Online movies are the most preferred choice among each person. If you are concerned with watching such movies, you have to find the reason to watch everything within style preference. As you being able to watch things within your good enough state, the process actually has lots of advantages. The online movie is preferably a perfect preference that takes each level of experience within the certain level of inspiration. If you prefer to get along with certain use of ultimate preferences, the brief history will take you through the movies watching. While you watch online movies, there are numerous advantages that are important to consider which gives you the boost in watching over those movies.

  • Access to huge database – Where online movie database has huge number of collection, you have to be aware of each factor that helps in processing along various number of movies. Each movie that you prefer for watching are coming along high quality and the choice is open with favorite list of system. As the online movie site has a database filled with all genre and category, you need to be sure about the database access. If the database is filled with older version to new version movies, we have to the easy access and enjoy each downwards factor.
  • Comfortable to watch from anywhere – As we were about to watch movies in theaters and TV channels, we may not have the comfort with choice and place that we choose to stay. It is our sole preference of selecting a collection of movie along each opinion. The option of watching online movie is exactly to relax and if it comes along with comfort of watching from wherever we wish, it is obviously an interesting factor.
  • Watch instantly – From the comfortable factor, you can watch movie from anywhere and as you get along the process, you should have the option of watching things instantly. As you find the way in watching it online, you do not have to wait for it downloads to complete. It will help in making the perfect preference over various other instant movie watching options. The preferences are really important to consider while getting through this preferred choice. Thus, to watch online, we have various other websites that will help in getting along through each site. In that concern, consider looking at movies 123. This is a reliable site to watch movies without any unnecessary ads in between while watching.

Since the online movie is having lots of popularity among every people, it is our sole responsibility to consider all the pros and cons. It will help in making your progression towards each movie selection. As you choose to select any kind of movie, it makes you more interested towards the cinema mode.


Fun is a necessary ingredient in daily life. Fun can be seen from multiple perspectives by multiple people. What may sound really fun for me might sound not so special to you. It all depends on who you are and what you like. All of this mostly happens for adults and grown-ups because their thought processes are complex and they have varied views on the world and its events. For kids, fun is anything that brings a little bit of laughter in them. Kids are the ones who really know how to have a good time, because for them, thing’s aren’t so very complex. Life is simple, as it should be, and yes, life is fun.

Kids know how to find fun in the regular activities of life. But even that becomes tiresome after a while. Therefore, kids need some special fun activities to keep their life moving. Children’s parks and entertainment centers are available in all cities, which do their sworn duty, to provide fun to kids. These places are also great places for the kids to meet children of the same age. This can prove to be particularly beneficial for children who have social interaction issues as they get to mingle and interact with other kids, helping them to reduce their anxiety levels. Children understand better, learn better and finally live a better and a more harmonious life.

If you’re living anywhere near Atlanta, Georgia, there is this amazing place for your kids to enjoy. The Xdrenaline is a place for kids to love and for adults to relax.


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All the activities are extremely supervised by staff so that the kids can enjoy in a safe and guided environment. But there’s more to this. If you’re planning to have a child’s birthday party, Xdrenaline also provides to be an excellent spot for that. You can hire a personal room, an amazing host, food and drinks along with a stunning birthday cake for your child’s birthday party. All the activities are on the list, except for the VR center which is optional. This is the “it” place for kids to enjoy in Atlanta, and no other place evn comes anywhere near to it.


Streaming a lot of content for viewing has been in practice for long and there now a lot more websites in the offing. These help you to stream content also have the pleasure in getting to see the latest shows or movies when you want. All that is online is not free, and some of it owned by persons who have rights over them, and it’s payable when you use it. But if you download it without permission, it isn’t a good way to obtain content. As many things go on in the online world, there are lots of people who use streaming services or go to websites that allow them to stream content by bypassing permission. Check out Movies.

The legality of such a process

Prolific online content gets eyeballs, and there are a lot of people out there to get it onto their device. Many of them for free and a lot more to be ahead of others in knowing what the content is. This a lead to the whole horde of streaming sites to clamber and people to register to their sites and get the content through them first. There are a lot of legitimate sites in the foray wherein you will have to shell out a certain amount of fees. There are sites which don’t comply with the law and in most countries aren’t allowed to function because they fail to accommodate the services they provide to the users legally.

To escape the legal bindings, such sites turn to other countries wherein laws are a little lax or you could find loopholes in the existing laws and operate without much hassle. This way the sites don’t vanish when taken out by one country but continue to switch domains and make their existence elsewhere. They know they have a huge market and they will never run out of users who want to get hold of the content without any barriers and free stuff from online streaming. There are often a lot of perils associated with this, but people don’t stop and still opt for streaming content this way.Check out fMovies.

You can be caught in the malware web, as most of the content is got illegally it would go easier for the hacker to attach malware to the content and get it onto your computer.  A lot of malware gets transferred this way and a lot of computers crash because of this. You would find it difficult to get rid of this and pose a problem for your entire system and. You definitely will seek help from the site you got the content in the first place. They would naturally find ways to extract money from you to get rid of the malware,which usually they would have placed most of the times. They even place ads on the in-between content which is illegal.

Launch music through online platforms

Launch music through online platforms

Music is not just an entertainment but it is something beyond it. For some people music may be a hobby but for some people it is their life. The musicians are the best example for it. The musicians tend to engage them in music composition not only to provide the best entertainment for the audience but also for earning. There is more number of musicians from different parts of the world who are struggling to make a better income out of music. In the initial days there may not be a better platform for their development. But this is not the case in current scenario. Today there are several platforms in online through which the musicians can expose them to the external world. The most important thing which is to be remembered is they can become famous all over the world by using such platforms in the most effective way.

buy Soundcloud plays

Audience engagement

Even though there are many platforms for promoting music in online, all among them are not considered to be famous and trustable. This is because only some of the reputed platform tends to have more number of audiences. Choosing such platform is highly important in order to promote the music in a better way. Hence the musicians who are longing for a better recognition in the market must make sure choose the platform which has more number of users. There is some reputed music streaming platforms where millions and millions of users from different parts of the world are engaged in. One can get accessed to such platforms.

Online safety

The other important thing which is to be noted is the online safety. There is some non reputed music streaming websites which fails to provide the best online security for its users. It is always better to stay away from such services. Before choosing any website for launching the music, the musicians must make sure to know about these factors in order to stay away from various hassles in future. It is always better to trust the platform like soundcloud plays as they provide the best online security for all their users. Since more users tend to buy Soundcloud plays, one can also get recognition for their music all over the world.

Terms and conditions

One of the most common mistakes made by many musicians is they fail to read the terms and conditions in advanced. It is to be noted that in case if they fail to make note of these factors, they will get trapped easily. Hence they should be more cautious about these factors. It is always better to choose the platform which forwards the most reliable terms and conditions.

Free movies online – The best assistance to relax your mind

As we know that we are living in 21 century, which is really advanced generation. Everything is moving very fast nowadays. Like technology which is evolving day by day and providing new gadgets every now and then. With too much of competition everyone is working so hard just to keep up their pace with the competitors. With new technology it becomes much harder or in some cases easy to beat up the competition. Today Internet has become the major part of technology which made approximately every work as easy as possible and that is one of the reasons that most of the people use the Internet in their working habits and when they want to have some enjoyment because internet provides many things like TV shows, music, games movies and much more. Thus we can say that Internet plays a vital role in everyone’s life and they are so much depended on it now that without internet they cannot survive even a single day.

When we talk about entertainment many things would comes in our mind like TV shows, music and movies. These have many categories and all of that is available on internet mostly for free. For example there are many genres of TV shows telecast on Internet like comedy, Horror, entertainment, family drama or reality shows. Watching free movies online has become most common in present time and this would aid you to kill your boredom.

Most of the people like to watch TV shows according to their moods. But due to some commitments on daily basis, people cannot spend their time on watching TV shows and movies on regular basis. And by considering this and to help those at some leisure time, you can better use the internet option and thereby you can kill your boredom time.

I agree that now people are so busy because of their work but they should understand that physical health and mental health both are important to live a healthy life. So everyone should spend some time to do indoor as well as outdoor activities. As we know life is a God’s gift and we should not spoil it. We can share the happiness and feelings with others. Then we really feel relaxed or tensionless. In the world there are many simple ways with which we can get entertainment like playing video games and watching your favorite television shows. Thus, we get a mental satisfaction and relaxation and we’ll be ready for the next day’s stressful work. Use some reliable and best options over internet now and thereby you can live a healthy and stress free life. Watch all kinds of movies and TV shows by just clicking on a single link.


Advanced free streaming websites

With the rapid advancement of technology and ever evolving availability of online content, streaming your best shows or movies has become easier that before. Online streaming is one the most famous internet activities among many people. Whether you want to watch TV shows, funny videos, different genre movies or news recaps, one is guaranteed to get something they like from the vast number of streaming websites available online.

Putlocker’s website

Putlocker is a UK based cloud storage having an index of various hosted files and numerous websites. It is called to be one of the most well known sites among various other streaming sites. Putlocker is a legal service. It offers a wide collection of Television shows, movies and television series. In the year 2012, Putlocker website developed about 800,000 visitors each day. However, after the closure of the most popular website during that time called Mega upload, Putlocker gained advantage and this generated approximately 1.6 million visitors everyday. Over the years, the Putlocker website’s URL kept changing due to certain reasons and was closed in 2016. Towards the end of the year 2016, once again putlockers new website putlocker.ch became active.

Alternative streaming sites

  1. Niter
  2. Solar Movie
  3. Popcorn flix
  4. All123Movies
  5. Snag films
  6. TinklePad
  7. Yify
  8. Hulu
  9. Popcorn time
  10. Vumoo

Each of the above website interfaces have certain similarities in the way they are officially designed. On a click of a button the user can choose their desired movie. The website is made with great convenience to help users read the brief synopsis of each movie with a small trailer. Everysite comes with a decent number of ads and pop-ups. The user can block this, by installing a good ad-blocker to watch their movies without interruptions. The latest collection of movies are regularly updated and new releases are displayed on the website homepage. Each streaming website offers search options with various parameters-genre, year, country which can be easily browsed by the users.

Once the visitor signs up, they can view the various features, the website has to offer and watch movies online free streaming from the official websites. All the websites have a modern layout and very user-friendly. Certain website operators provide 24/7 website support that can immediately fix any issues- for instance if one notices that a movie has a broken link, the issue can be resolved. Most of the websites are safe and reliable to use. Many online streaming services are existing in the World Wide Web, however not all websites allow you to download movies and TV shows for offline viewing. Putlocker essentially works as a host stage for external video movies suppliers. It serves as an online gateway for watching duplicate and permit of corrected video movies with no cost applicable.

Trusted Websites to Watch Latest Full Movies Online for Free

If you are seeking the best place to watch the latest as well as the old full-length movies online for free of cost, then 123movies provides a trusted and outstanding working website to watch full movies online for free. If you are searching for such websites for the last few days and found many bad or annoying websites, then check out this website to watch movies without buffering.

123movies is one of the best and most trusted websites for watching movies online for absolutely free. This website is famous and provides the best quality for movies, and lets you watch movies without buffering.

It is best to be aware of fake websites and to not to believe in any website for online movie watching as most of the websites are fake and have malware. On the other hand, this website is completely pure and is growing rapidly. It is one of the quality websites to download as well as watch movies, and TV shows online for absolutely free. You can try downloading and watching movies on this website; surely, you would feel that it works great.

Apart from this, the website also provides the movie’s trailers, as well as other info about the movie such as a synopsis, the star cast, movie, ratings and much more. This watch movie online website is perfect, whether you want to watch a movie online or download it. This website offers a very easy interface to search for the movie online. At this website, you can clearly filter your desired movies by choosing the release year, the genre of movie, or by directly using the search bar. It is a very good website without malware to watch full movies online for free. Best of all, it is very easy to watch your favorite movie on this website. All you need to do is visit the website, then click on your favorite movie and start streaming it online.

It is a great online movie streaming and downloading website which lets people watch and download movies of all genres. If you are looking for more information, you can check out www.123movies.com where you can watch free movies online. Best of all, registration is not required, even for downloading too. You can also upload a movie or a series on your device. With unique and easy-to-use design, not like other sites, it provides the best chance and is constantly updated to offer you a large base of films and serials.

It is the one-stop solution for watching movies and TV shows online without needing to download them. Just by clicking on the website link, you will find a great collection of movies that you can play online without any restriction.

Bigg Boss 11 2nd December 2017 Latest Update

The latest and the new episode of Bigg Boss 11 start with Vikas ending his friendship with Arshi khan, who is irritated with Vikas for not supporting her in different conditions. Arshi khan in a young-looking manner, tells Hiten to prevent speech Vikas however he tells her that he’s the sole friend he has and he can ne’er try this. Hiten pulls her leg spoken communication that she will drop him and continue being friends with Priyank.

The contestants awaken to the song, ‘DJ Waale Babu’. Shilpa brings tea for Vikas and he or she offers it to Hina too however the latter returns it to her expression that she doesn’t need any favours from Shilpa, as a result of she is going to refer it for a minimum of every week. Arshi writes ‘I love VG’ on the wall of the kaal kothri. Vikas tells her that he won’t reconcile along with her however Arshi tells him that she didn’t perceive him, and currently she will. Bigg Boss announces that Arshi, Bandgi associated Puneesh’s penalisation has return to an finish.

On Friday, Arshi has solely Shilpa on her mind. She spends each single moment taunting and querulous concerning her not realising that Shilpa was obtaining heap of footage along with her act. when instigating Hiten against Shilpa, Arshi gets into AN argument along with her within the room and says that she didn’t bring her any food whereas she was in jail although she offered it to Puneesh and Bandgi. Arshi tells Shilpa that once the latter was in jail, she frequently brought food for her. Shilpa doesn’t provide any justification and tells Arshi that she is “the worst lady she has met” whereas Arshi tells her that she is disgraced of herself that she referred to as her her mother.

Shilpa confides in Bandgi concerning all of the drama and begins to cry voice communication that she did raise Arshi for food. Hiten joins the speech communication to clear the matter. He tells Arshi that though Shilpa didn’t raise her in person, she did provide to form separate food for Arshi, since she doesn’t like potatoes. however Arshi persistently complains that why didn’t Shilpa raise her directly the manner she did with Puneesh and Bandgi. within the privy space, Puneesh, WHO is Shilpa’s supporter, tells Shilpa that Akash and Arshi have used her. Arshi all over again starts harassing Shilpa and tells her that almost all of the items she will ar for the camera.

Hiten’s post tenure has return to AN finish, and Bigg Boss asks the housemates to pick out 2 names, WHO can contend with one another for post. Of course, arguments begin and eventually Vikas and Priyank, the 2 sanchalaks of the luxurious budget task, ar chosen to contend for post.

Bigg Boss introduces the position task whereby each the contenders are going to be the DJs. the 2 got to win over the opposite housemates to affix their several team associate degreed not leave the floor vacant until the task doesn’t return to an finish. The contestant with the utmost variety of housemates supporting and saltation for him, wins. Hiten is that the sanchalak for the task.

Both Priyank and Vikas begin convincing their co-contestants to affix their team. Priyank tries his luck at obtaining most votes by giving the contestants some goodie points. He tells Puneesh that he can save him from nominations if he joins his team.

Priyank additionally agrees with him and tells Luv that Hina is insecure. Priyank eases her worries expression she is going to go until the finale, as a result of Salman had thoroughbred it on one weekend. however it’s going to or might not happen, Priyank adds. They additionally discuss however Arshi’s continual taunts and harassment of Shilpa was really benefiting Shilpa as all the eye gets drawn on her.