Radio- anywhere anytime

Radio is like an accompanist; the morning walkers and early morning office goers tune into the radio to listen to some soulful music while some tune into it to listen to some latest tracks. The housewives switch on the radio to listen to their favourite cookery show or to listen to some music while finishing their household chores. Then the kids especially the boy’s tune into the radio to get the latest soccer and cricket match updates; but it is not as smooth as it sounds as a number of times there is problem of bad reception, maybe due to some bad weather conditions. A number of times there is connectivity issue especially if the radio line is far off from the place you stay in or if you are in some outskirt area.


Advantages of an internet radio

To avoid the problem of bad reception, one can now listen to the internet radio. It is not that there is no connectivity issue as without a good internet speed the internet radio wouldn’t work but it also has a few advantages.

  • Your favourite station is just a click away.
  • Internet radio is accessible anytime and anywhere, unlike the traditional one.
  • One can listen to programmes from all over the world through the internet radio; if you are in India you can listen to the radio station of US through it.
  • Songs in any language can be heard; inter country and intra country both.
  • Learning about the culture and language of other cities, states and countries becomes easy.
  • You can listen to the radio station of your own city, country or state anywhere around the globe.
  • The sound quality and reception of an internet radio is better.
  • There are less number of advertisements in an internet radio; which means more music and fewer disturbances.
  • One can even select the genre of music that you prefer hearing.

In today’s internet savvy world; internet radio is definitely useful and more accessible as almost everybody has access to the internet but still somewhere the old traditional radio holds a special place as when there was nothing to do it was the radio that helped in killing boredom. So both the form of radio’s are popular among the crowd the older generation still prefers the traditional one while the younger generation prefers the more accessible internet radio.

Launch of Sony Play station 4 sees Game Addicts going Crazy

Following a long wait of several years, finally Sony released the Playstation 4 across North American stores from the midnight of November 14. The next-gen gaming console is available at $400 from the retailers across the country. The proposed European launch of the console is about to take place on November 29. The Manhattan Standard High Line Hotel in New York served as the venue for the elaborate launch. The Japanese company actually rented out the entire hotel and set up a cool video game light show on the hotel walls. The venue also served to provide over 500 gamers with their pre-ordered version of PS 4.

The fans began coming from Wednesday, waiting for 24 hours in the cold to pick up their consoles. There were also arrangements of a live TV show at the GTTV game show of the Spike TV, hosted by Geoff Keighley. The game show exhibited exclusive clips from the latest uncharted PS 4 gaming extravaganza and informed the fans on the downloadable content from Last of Us. The gamers have been waiting for long for the latest virtual experience through the most advanced gaming technology.

The PS4 features eight ‘Jaguar’ cores or digital processing brains developed by Advanced Micro Device. Also, the core graphics design comprises of AMD (Radeon ) Graphics Core Next. With 1080p resolution and a 60 fps speed, the console is promising gamers an experience that they cannot afford to miss. The same was evident at the craze in the venue. The marketing vice president of the US division for Sony games, Jon Koller noted that the features would provide a significant competitive edge over Microsoft X box latest version, Scheduled on a November 22 release.

The new console presents the Dualshock 4 controller over the Sinaxis controller of the PS3. The new controller features touch pads, share buttons and light sensors. The new console would consist at least 26 games including all of the major virtual experiences. Gamers can engage in the latest storylines of their favorite simulations including Killzone, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin’s Creed IV, Black Flag, and Shadow Fall among others. The PS4 would provide a better resolution compared to the MS machine, especially on Call of Duty: Ghosts, Koller confirmed.

Many notable representatives in the industry attended the inaugural launch. The worldwide Playstation business head, Andrew House and the North American head Jack Tretton autographed the first set sold at the event. Other persons present included the Bungie chief operating officer, Pete Parsons, Hideo Kojima, the designer of Metal Gear games, and Naughty Dog top officials. Brooklyn’s Joey Chiu was the first recipient of the new console. He said that he was looking forward to play Knack and he is not going to sell the console on ebay anytime soon. Sony offered him and the other first comers hotel rooms to accommodate for one day. The fans found this quite pleasant. It is now up to see how the market flares up after the release of the Microsoft gaming system. Observers are expecting to see interesting trends in the coming months.

Play station 4 Arrives, But What’s So Special About It?


The stampedes started on November 15 as the Play-station 4 hit the shelves at stores throughout the U.S.. The latest version of the world’s most popular gaming console has features and expansion that makes it look like a a thing of the distant future. With all the hype though, what is inside this new miracle machine? A look at the PS4 and what it’s got is in order.

Clocking in at $399 the PS4 has its power supply built in. It’s got drawbacks too as you can’t play PS3 games with it which is surely going to anger some fans who’ve spent small fortunes on the console editions. However you can upgrade your PS3 games for $10 unless you have a large library of them and that’s going to cost some money. It has an eight core AMD “Jaguar” CPU with an AMD next generation Radeion GPU along with 8GB of 5500MHZ GDDRS Ram. It can play the Blu rays as well as DVDS but it can’t play CDs or MP3s. Neither the 3E Blu ray movies.

The PS Plus account is another cost to add on for $50 a year so if you tally things up with the $399 and $50 your rapidly moving uphill to expensive. Another drawback is the peripherals. Not the same as earlier versions. There are however 13 entertainment apps that come at the launch. Netflix is one of them. Also DLNA streaming isn’t available either.

With a 500GB hard drive there’s enough storage for sure. An amazing controller with a built in speaker. It has a camera for motion control as well. The camera is an upgrade that identifies who is in operation. The Kinect feature and of course the Kinect can interpret hand gestures so there’s no need for a controller. The PS4 and Vita have a new relationship with efficiency. Playing on your Vita via the PS4 Link sets a remote/mirror setting that allows games to stream to Vita. A 15 minute cache allows for smooth playback. In addition to all that the iOS and Android have a PS app that allows the player to use the devices as a secondary screen as well as a remote control. It’s got wireless at 802.11 b/g/n protocols but doesn’t have 5Ghz or the new 802.11ac standard. It does support Bluetooth however.

So when you open the box of the PS4you’ll see the console, a power cord, a 6 foot long HDMI cable, a DualShock 4 controller, a Micro USB cable, and a monaural earpiece bud.

Overall as fans hit the stores today the news around the U.S. Is going to be hot with who got one and who has to wait.

Documents on Batman That Will Grab Your Attention

EBooks Doc has a wide variety of documents on the caped crusader, Batman. You will find some impressive work here where Bruce Wayne as always fighting against the shameless criminals of Gotham city.

The Batman documents get a lot of attention on this website mainly because he is one of the most respected vigilantes that we have come to known in comic books and on –screen.

Awesome documents on Bruce Wayne that you will love

These Batman documents are interactive works where you can help Batman or can even make a Batman mask. Kids and adults will really appreciate the stuff here. Here is a list of documents you will find that good enough to blow your mind away. Rest assured there is something for every kind of Batman fan

Batman: Arkham Asylum: In this PDF you are shown shots of the impressive game. The much anticipated video game takes centre stage in this Batman document and sure to steal hearts away.

Batman 2013 Facility hours: This PDF speaks volumes of just how Batman’s arch rivals are hatching plans in good old Woodhaven. You have to help Batman by picking up your fugitive fighting sheet while you are in the Family center. You need to use clues to defeat the likes of Bane, the Joker and of course the Riddler.

Batman Mask: This one is for the kids. You can use the mask template and print in onto thick stock paper and cut the design out. Voila! You will have an awesome batman mask to show to your friends. Adults to can join in the fun.

Batman- The movie: This Batman document attempts to argue on the behalf of the Batman movie of 1996 urging on to say that this movie was a big milestone in comic book to movie history. Of all the Batman documents, this one is written by Robert G.Weiner and gets very rave reviews for its critical approach to the movie.

DC Adventures: Batman vs. Bane This file lets you and Batman team up and fights against Bane. You can also fight for the universe as an active part of the Corps where you will fight alongside the Green Lantern.

Instruction Booklet- Batman Arkham city: The Batman documents offers some instruction to on how to go about playing the well-known Batman game. Take to the streets of Arkham city and find out about your missions and complete the game while you are at it.

Batman Begins: We all have watched the movie but here in this Batman document we get to see the real story of how Bruce Wayne became Batman. The document goes deep inside how Batman became a legend. Creating a comic hero who is part philanthropist and part super hero but still human.

Batman Bash: In these documents one can test how much they know about Bruce. One can even learn how to make use of Legos to make the alter ego if Bruce Wayne. This one is a treat.

Batman- Knightfall: The comic document shows Bruce Wayne broken, battered and defeated. In this document here suffers a blow that cripples him for years.

Batman Fan Art: On this list of Batman documents, you will find some art work too. In word documents, there are created, painted and sketched images of Batman while at work. Each and every image displays put emphasis on his lows and highs. High lady lovers also get special mentions here. Fan art is also always good to look and when it is of none other than Batman, they can only go on to get better and better.

Batman has enjoyed a loyal fan following for years now. People worship the cape crusader. Not just children, adults too find themselves amazed with Batman. These documents will take you to a place like never before. It is almost like the world of Harry Potter but something more gruesome, sad and encouraging all at the same time. These Batman documents will of great use to you if you love to read, practice creative art or just keep up with Batman.

These documents are only a few of the documents out of hundreds of documents available on the adventures of Brice Wayne. The interactive, fun and critical materials are good enough to hold any Batman fan’s attention for hours on end. The works provided hear will help one fulfill their dreams in the criminal filled Gotham city world and help bring Batman literally to life. For anyone who has ever admitted Batman, these Batman documents are a must look at for you will most definitely find yourself busy for hours on end.