Updating Your Summer Playlist? Add Justin Bieber Songs To Your List

It’s that time of the year when we are all set to update our playlists.  Our favourite artists have released some great numbers and it’s time to add these new hits to the playlist.

With so many popular numbers orbiting the music landscape, we are sure that Billboard and Spotify are having a tough time to build their summer countdown. Remember the year of ‘ ‘Despacito’? Every countdown, every playlist saturated with Puerto Rican musician Luis Fonsi’s foot thumping number, and hardly any other song got the much attention. But luckily this year, it’s getting harder to make a selection and we  took up the task to track the most popular tracks from leading labels.

How we picked up the songs to feature in our Summer Playlist?

We did more than just browsing through YouTube and taking note of the number of views.

We did some technical digging, tracked down the number of mentions of the latest songs in Google news, counted their likes, and considered the number of views.

We checked their appearance on international platforms that tabulate every song’s popularity.

We stepped beyond YouTube and referred to music play stations like Spotify, Hungama, and Gaana to keep a tab on what song listeners love the most. (this reminded us of the sweet old time when debutant Justin Bieber’s song download topped every list.)

See, we did plenty of hard work to curate the summer line-up of the latest songs. Let’s check them out –

Summer Playlist

  • I Don’t Care

Singers: Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran

The 25-year-old star never fails to steal our hearts!! This time he teamed up with our amazing King of romance, Ed Sheeran who has the highest streamig songs under his belt, for the song ‘I Don’t Care’. The song carries a bit of too much candy floss flavour but that’s what makes our summer colourful, right?

  • Bad Guy

Singer: Billie Eilish

Offbeat lyrics, killer music and Billie’s badass style give us this incredible 2019 summer banger. As we know her, Billie is a teen star, her modulation of melody from rhythmic flow to cool ground thumping beats keeps her on the top of every list.

  • Sucker

Singer(s): Jonas Brother

Yeah, we know this song revives the video starring our beloved Piggy Chops aka Priyanka Chopra and Sansa Stark of Winterfell aka Sophie Turner. Surprised or not, this song has comfortably snuggled up to our summer playlist.

While Sophie Turner’s ever-rising stock probably boosted the popularity of the “Sucker” music video, this latest Jonas Brothers contender still seems unlikely to take the SoS crown given that it already peaked at no. 1 in March. Barring a forthcoming remix with Maisie Williams, chances are that this song is on the decline.

  • Before I Let Go

Singer: Beyonce

There is no playlist that doesn’t have Queen B’s imprints on it. That’s right. Frank Beverly and Maze’s original score was a 1995 hit. Beyonce’s rendition of Before I Let Go is sure a must for your summer hits!

Rapping – Tips for Beginners

Do you want to become a successful rapper? Many people are enamored by the lifestyle of professional rappers, but what you don’t see on screen is their hard work and desire to break through the norm. Rapping is by no means easy. Professional rappers and songwriters like J. ills spend days on end working on their music in order to improve their writing and performance. J. ills is also the owner of his own record label, known as Real Lion Entertainment, Inc. Growing up in Columbia, South Carolina, he draws inspiration from many of his writings. If you want to follow in the footsteps of professional artists like J. ills, here are a few tips to help you.

Expand Your Vocabulary

If you want to make a career based on words, you need to have a great vocabulary. Look for books, magazines, poems, everything that challenges you to learn new words and memorize them. You will need them to find the right rhymes!

Develop Your Rhythmic Ears

While you are expanding your vocabulary, take the opportunity to read aloud and realize how your intonation is. Do you tend to emphasize the first syllable or the last? Defining your “inner metronome” will help you develop your own rhythm, your “flow”.

Learn To “Double” Words

Bending words is a skill in which you change the pronunciation of things to create a shared sound between words. You can change the traditional pronunciation a little so that your rhymes have more rhythm.

Investigate About The Different Types Of Rhymes

If you thought that paying attention to your linguistic classes was a waste of time, think again. There are many different types of rhyme: assonance, consonant, paired, and alternate rhymes. All can serve to form your own rhythm. Dust off your books (or use the internet because it’s easier) and start practicing different types of rhymes.

Write Everything About Your Experiences

Knowing how to rhyme is one thing, but rap is another. Once you have defined your rhythm, start working on your content. What do you mean? What is your message? Whatever it is, write about the things you understand, that you love, that they happen to you. The most important thing is that you maintain your genuineness. When you get a little inspiration, put it on paper. It will serve as training for when you have to improvise on a base!

Is the Clarinet a Good Instrument for You?

Clarinet Good Instrument

The clarinet is a popular wind instrument. Many people play this instrument in groups, orchestras, solos and small groups. If you are trying to choose an instrument, you can ask if the clarinet is right for you. There are advantages and disadvantages in the choice of playing the clarinet. Before buying your first clarinet, it would be good to know if this is the instrument in which you want to invest your time and money.

What instrument do you want to play?

There are several different types of instruments and different reasons why you can choose a clarinet or make another choice. Are you going to play in a school band or an orchestra? A clarinet is a good option. Do you want to play in a rock band? Although there are popular clarinetists, you probably want to use something like a keyboard, percussion or an electric guitar, at least as a basic instrument. If you want to sing while playing an instrument, you will have to choose another instrument. The piano is a popular instrument if you play in the church, but I play my clarinet in the church, along with the piano and the organ.

Clarinet a Good Instrument

Do you like the clarinet?

If you decide that the Clarinet Fingering Chart is the right tool for you, you probably want to try it first. Most people can play the clarinet with enough practice, but it’s worth a try. Many students like to rent tools, but I do not recommend renting them: this is a much more expensive way to buy an instrument than to buy it. If you do not know someone who has a clarinet that you can try, do not hesitate to rent a clarinet for a month so you can check it before you buy it.

You can find cheap instruments on the Internet, but keep in mind that cheaper instruments do not always have better sound quality, and you can replace them with better instruments later on if you start with one.

Reasons to play the clarinet

There are many good reasons to learn to play the clarinet. This is a fairly simple tool to learn to play; you do not need extensive music lessons to play this instrument. You can even learn to play this popular wind instrument. If you want to play in a school band, in an orchestra or at home for fun, this is a popular option for many people, and it may also suit you.

Increase Creativity By Playing Pianos

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5 Major Tips for All The Adult Pianist – Learning Piano Has Never Been Easy

Learning to play a piano as an adult can actually turn out to be very intimidating. And most of the individuals limit themselves because they think that they are too old now to begin learning piano as an adult.But the truth here is that it’s never too late to start learning something new. And if you really have the desire to learn piano then here are some of the best tips for you.

  • Remember that one of the best ways of learning piano in reality is to just simply repeat the difficult parts unless and until you actually get to know them. The major trick that lies here is how often you repeat them. Here is what you need to do while learning piano as an adult don’t repeat and practice the parts that you know, play the parts that you don’t know and the hard parts you avoid.
  • Break each part and size into little bit size sections perhaps the 1- 4 bars. Nothing longer than 4 bars is good rule, and continue repeating that specific kind of a section unless and until you are tired of it. And then you can go ahead and do something else.
  • Try and play each section hands separately. It is a really good rule that if you cannot play the piano with one hand then you will definitely won’t be able to play it with two. So try and break down the physical motion in order to know what each and every hand does separately.
  • Have a look at your hands when you are practicing. Memorize the music and then look into your hands. You can also think of a famous piano artist and know that if they are looking anywhere else while playing the piano.
  • Try and play each and every section very slowly, so slow than the song goes, far slower than what you can actually learn and understand. Play it so slowly that it is impossible for you to make mistakes. Slow practice generally reveals things to the eye and ear that are invisible at the proper standard tempo.

Beginners especially the ones who have enough talent when it comes to the piano, wish to play a song at a proper tempo, no matter what. And it is really very instinct of the musician who wishes to make music, not playing things if one was encased in the oil. Playing really very slowly is the key to the control. When you are playing slowly you are also looking at the keys and your brain is forming a set of synapses where the formation turns out to be even easier when compared to the others. Once this is done go back and play the sections once again both that are easy and difficult and see what needs to work.

When you are done with the above mentioned tips then try and work on the other sections in both your hands. You will also get to see improvement. Repeat these sections till you get comfortable with them. This describes the steps for working on a difficult section you don’t know. After that go back and play all the sections the easy and difficult to see what work and what does not.