“Hate what is bad” for watching a movie

Parents who spontaneously allow their children to go to the cinema may not be sufficiently aware of what is considered “demonstrable” today. For example, a film critic called the main character of a youth-rated film in the United States “a mean-spirited, 17-year-old who every day movies123 flounders in drunkenness, illicit drug use, orgies and romance with a boy she just met “. This kind of content is far from unusual. A  Post Magazine notes that references to oral sex seem to be “commonly accepted” in teen movies. The classification should not be the unique criterion for evaluating the content of a film. Is there a more reliable guide?

How to find healthy entertainment by watching online movies

How can parents make a selection when choosing which movies online on site  their children will watch? Here are the remarks of some parents from around the world. They may help you find healthy entertainment for your family. – See also the box “Other forms of entertainment” “My wife or I used to accompany our kids to the movies when they were younger,” . They never went alone or alone with other children. Now they are teenagers, but they never attend the premiere of the film; we prefer to first read reviews or hear comments from people we trust. Then, as a family, we decide if we will go see the movie. “


Mark, who lives in South Africa, speaks freely with his teenage son films that go out to the movies. “My wife and I start the discussion by asking what he thinks of the film,” We listen to him and we reason with him. In the end, we come to choose movies that we like to all three. “.

From an early age,” he says, “our children were included in the discussions we had on the content of the films we were interested in. When we decided not to go see a certain movie, my wife and I explained why, rather than simply saying no. “

Also, some parents find it good to search the Internet. Several sites provide detailed articles on the content of the films. They allow having a clear idea of ​​the values ​​presented in a film.


“It is natural for teenagers to want to meet young people their own age. That’s why we’ve always made sure our daughter has good companies while keeping an eye on her. As our congregation has many young people, we encouraged our daughter to befriend them. “- movies123

“We are very interested in the entertainment of our children. We have healthy activities: we organize walks, barbecues, picnics, or we meet with fellow Christians of all ages. In this way, our children do not feel that they can only relax with their classmates. “-