Is the Clarinet a Good Instrument for You?

The clarinet is a popular wind instrument. Many people play this instrument in groups, orchestras, solos and small groups. If you are trying to choose an instrument, you can ask if the clarinet is right for you. There are advantages and disadvantages in the choice of playing the clarinet. Before buying your first clarinet, it would be good to know if this is the instrument in which you want to invest your time and money.

What instrument do you want to play?

There are several different types of instruments and different reasons why you can choose a clarinet or make another choice. Are you going to play in a school band or an orchestra? A clarinet is a good option. Do you want to play in a rock band? Although there are popular clarinetists, you probably want to use something like a keyboard, percussion or an electric guitar, at least as a basic instrument. If you want to sing while playing an instrument, you will have to choose another instrument. The piano is a popular instrument if you play in the church, but I play my clarinet in the church, along with the piano and the organ.

Clarinet a Good Instrument

Do you like the clarinet?

If you decide that the Clarinet Fingering Chart is the right tool for you, you probably want to try it first. Most people can play the clarinet with enough practice, but it’s worth a try. Many students like to rent tools, but I do not recommend renting them: this is a much more expensive way to buy an instrument than to buy it. If you do not know someone who has a clarinet that you can try, do not hesitate to rent a clarinet for a month so you can check it before you buy it.

You can find cheap instruments on the Internet, but keep in mind that cheaper instruments do not always have better sound quality, and you can replace them with better instruments later on if you start with one.

Reasons to play the clarinet

There are many good reasons to learn to play the clarinet. This is a fairly simple tool to learn to play; you do not need extensive music lessons to play this instrument. You can even learn to play this popular wind instrument. If you want to play in a school band, in an orchestra or at home for fun, this is a popular option for many people, and it may also suit you.