Radio- anywhere anytime

Radio is like an accompanist; the morning walkers and early morning office goers tune into the radio to listen to some soulful music while some tune into it to listen to some latest tracks. The housewives switch on the radio to listen to their favourite cookery show or to listen to some music while finishing their household chores. Then the kids especially the boy’s tune into the radio to get the latest soccer and cricket match updates; but it is not as smooth as it sounds as a number of times there is problem of bad reception, maybe due to some bad weather conditions. A number of times there is connectivity issue especially if the radio line is far off from the place you stay in or if you are in some outskirt area.


Advantages of an internet radio

To avoid the problem of bad reception, one can now listen to the internet radio. It is not that there is no connectivity issue as without a good internet speed the internet radio wouldn’t work but it also has a few advantages.

  • Your favourite station is just a click away.
  • Internet radio is accessible anytime and anywhere, unlike the traditional one.
  • One can listen to programmes from all over the world through the internet radio; if you are in India you can listen to the radio station of US through it.
  • Songs in any language can be heard; inter country and intra country both.
  • Learning about the culture and language of other cities, states and countries becomes easy.
  • You can listen to the radio station of your own city, country or state anywhere around the globe.
  • The sound quality and reception of an internet radio is better.
  • There are less number of advertisements in an internet radio; which means more music and fewer disturbances.
  • One can even select the genre of music that you prefer hearing.

In today’s internet savvy world; internet radio is definitely useful and more accessible as almost everybody has access to the internet but still somewhere the old traditional radio holds a special place as when there was nothing to do it was the radio that helped in killing boredom. So both the form of radio’s are popular among the crowd the older generation still prefers the traditional one while the younger generation prefers the more accessible internet radio.