Rapping – Tips for Beginners

Do you want to become a successful rapper? Many people are enamored by the lifestyle of professional rappers, but what you don’t see on screen is their hard work and desire to break through the norm. Rapping is by no means easy. Professional rappers and songwriters like J. ills spend days on end working on their music in order to improve their writing and performance. J. ills is also the owner of his own record label, known as Real Lion Entertainment, Inc. Growing up in Columbia, South Carolina, he draws inspiration from many of his writings. If you want to follow in the footsteps of professional artists like J. ills, here are a few tips to help you.

Expand Your Vocabulary

If you want to make a career based on words, you need to have a great vocabulary. Look for books, magazines, poems, everything that challenges you to learn new words and memorize them. You will need them to find the right rhymes!

Develop Your Rhythmic Ears

While you are expanding your vocabulary, take the opportunity to read aloud and realize how your intonation is. Do you tend to emphasize the first syllable or the last? Defining your “inner metronome” will help you develop your own rhythm, your “flow”.

Learn To “Double” Words

Bending words is a skill in which you change the pronunciation of things to create a shared sound between words. You can change the traditional pronunciation a little so that your rhymes have more rhythm.

Investigate About The Different Types Of Rhymes

If you thought that paying attention to your linguistic classes was a waste of time, think again. There are many different types of rhyme: assonance, consonant, paired, and alternate rhymes. All can serve to form your own rhythm. Dust off your books (or use the internet because it’s easier) and start practicing different types of rhymes.

Write Everything About Your Experiences

Knowing how to rhyme is one thing, but rap is another. Once you have defined your rhythm, start working on your content. What do you mean? What is your message? Whatever it is, write about the things you understand, that you love, that they happen to you. The most important thing is that you maintain your genuineness. When you get a little inspiration, put it on paper. It will serve as training for when you have to improvise on a base!