Updating Your Summer Playlist? Add Justin Bieber Songs To Your List

It’s that time of the year when we are all set to update our playlists.  Our favourite artists have released some great numbers and it’s time to add these new hits to the playlist.

With so many popular numbers orbiting the music landscape, we are sure that Billboard and Spotify are having a tough time to build their summer countdown. Remember the year of ‘ ‘Despacito’? Every countdown, every playlist saturated with Puerto Rican musician Luis Fonsi’s foot thumping number, and hardly any other song got the much attention. But luckily this year, it’s getting harder to make a selection and we  took up the task to track the most popular tracks from leading labels.

How we picked up the songs to feature in our Summer Playlist?

We did more than just browsing through YouTube and taking note of the number of views.

We did some technical digging, tracked down the number of mentions of the latest songs in Google news, counted their likes, and considered the number of views.

We checked their appearance on international platforms that tabulate every song’s popularity.

We stepped beyond YouTube and referred to music play stations like Spotify, Hungama, and Gaana to keep a tab on what song listeners love the most. (this reminded us of the sweet old time when debutant Justin Bieber’s song download topped every list.)

See, we did plenty of hard work to curate the summer line-up of the latest songs. Let’s check them out –

Summer Playlist

  • I Don’t Care

Singers: Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran

The 25-year-old star never fails to steal our hearts!! This time he teamed up with our amazing King of romance, Ed Sheeran who has the highest streamig songs under his belt, for the song ‘I Don’t Care’. The song carries a bit of too much candy floss flavour but that’s what makes our summer colourful, right?

  • Bad Guy

Singer: Billie Eilish

Offbeat lyrics, killer music and Billie’s badass style give us this incredible 2019 summer banger. As we know her, Billie is a teen star, her modulation of melody from rhythmic flow to cool ground thumping beats keeps her on the top of every list.

  • Sucker

Singer(s): Jonas Brother

Yeah, we know this song revives the video starring our beloved Piggy Chops aka Priyanka Chopra and Sansa Stark of Winterfell aka Sophie Turner. Surprised or not, this song has comfortably snuggled up to our summer playlist.

While Sophie Turner’s ever-rising stock probably boosted the popularity of the “Sucker” music video, this latest Jonas Brothers contender still seems unlikely to take the SoS crown given that it already peaked at no. 1 in March. Barring a forthcoming remix with Maisie Williams, chances are that this song is on the decline.

  • Before I Let Go

Singer: Beyonce

There is no playlist that doesn’t have Queen B’s imprints on it. That’s right. Frank Beverly and Maze’s original score was a 1995 hit. Beyonce’s rendition of Before I Let Go is sure a must for your summer hits!